Feel the earth frequency. Queensland’s best outdoor festival

I’ve long been a festival goer. Places where people go to celebrate under the stars, to stomp and dance on the earth, to connect with friends, to be debaucherous and generally let go of regular life.

Image Credit: Sid Rock

The biggest party in the electronic music scene in Queensland is coming up this weekend. Earth Frequency Festival (affectionately known as Earth Freq) is about to celebrate its 10 year anniversary and promises nothing short of an epic spectacular of music, creativity, dancing and celebration over four sweltering, summer days. It will run from February 13-16th at Ivory’s Rock, 45 minutes west of Brisbane.

With a lineup that rivals major national and international events including Rainbow Serpent in Victoria and Symbiosis in North America, it promises to tantalise the ears and excite the hips of all in attendance.

Many people not associated with the scene assume outdoor music festivals like this, doofs as they are often called, consist solely of repetitive psytrance music suitable only for hippies on acid. While all three may be present in some form or another, this is an outdated presumption that fails to encompass the diversity and unique creative expression that makes up such a festival.

Earth Freq has evolved over the years to be at the forefront of live and electronic independent music in Australia. Music over the weekend will include a solid dose of Reggae, Dubstep, Techno, Glitch-Hop, World, Progressive, Trance, Drum n Bass, Folk, Funk and Down Tempo.

Some of the headliners include Beats Antique, whose enticing blend of instrumental, eastern sounds and complex dance beats are sure to whisk the crowd into a spice trail laden frenzy. Alongside them is the ever popular Opiuo with a full piece live band and Tijuana Cartel, whose continually evolving sounds contort layers of atmospheric soundscapes, chilled and cranking rhythms with spicy vocals. Also appearing are Desert Dwellers, who’ve brought the funk and bass in yoga into the yoga into funk and bass music and have headlined at festivals around the world.


Earth Frequency is not only for music lovers, it is a festival for all ages with a dedicated kids zone running fun, engaging workshops and seminars throughout the weekend suitable for parents and children. There is an array of performances scheduled from fire dancers through to stilt walkers and Aboriginal dance groups performing at various times across the weekend, along with a range of market stalls selling food and other wares.

Perhaps the best part of the whole event is that people gather to celebrate in a way that is about leaving the ‘regular adult’ state of mind behind. Earth Freq seeks to rediscover what it is like to recover what we’ve historically lost by celebrating life traditionally with myth, art, dance, costumes and games.

It is a way to unlock the joy, imagination and frivolity held in our hearts and bodies but so often resigned to childhood memories. Such festivals encourage coming together without judgement, wearing whatever one so desires and frolicking in nature whilst maintaining utmost respect for each other and the surrounding environment.

Festivals like Earth Freq play a pivotal role in moving regimented, middle-class Australian society forward into more open, playful and creative spaces, which modern, technologically-driven, urban culture in many ways can strangle out.

Image credit: Wanderphil

But don’t just believe me, get out there this weekend and see for yourself. Tickets are still available here.


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